lilliesWhat is PALMS?

The Pennsylvania Lake Management Society (PALMS) is a non-profit organization created to promote understanding and comprehensive management of lakes and reservoirs and their watersheds. PALMS was formed in 1989 as a Chapter of the North American Lake Management Society (NALMS) by a group of individuals concerned for the future of lakes in Pennsylvania. In 2005 PALMS became a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization. Today PALMS has more than 150 members. Our members are people just like you - people concerned about today's lake issues. It is a statewide organization made up of lakeside residents, lake associations, recreationists, scientists, educators, and local and state agency professionals. PALMS is currently recognized as an Affiliate Member of the North American Lake Management Society (NALMS).

PALMS is recognized as a statewide leading authority with respect to lake and watershed management and restoration. PALMS is probably best known for its highly successful annual lake and watershed conferences. PALMS routinely sponsors and participates in regional workshops throughout the Commonwealth. Recently, PALMS has accepted the responsibility of serving as the state's clearinghouse for lake-related information


The Pennsylvania Lake Management Society (PALMS) mission is to promote the further understanding of ponds, lakes, reservoirs and impoundments and their watersheds; the ecosystem of which they are a part; and their protection, restoration and management.


Based upon our mission, PALMS primary objectives are to:

  • Promote and provide a forum for sharing factual information and experiences on scientific, administrative, legal and financial aspects of lake and watershed management.
  • Foster the development of local lake and reservoir restoration and protection programs in accordance with appropriate management strategies and techniques.
  • Encourage the support and development of local, state and national programs, policies and legislation that promote lake and watershed management.
  • Encourage the cooperation and interaction of organizations, agencies, governmental bodies and individuals concerned with lake and watershed improvement and protection.
  • Encourage the development and enforcement of laws designed to assure the adequate protection of lakes and reservoirs and watersheds.

pickerelweedPALMS fulfills its primary objectives by providing:

  • Annual Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Newsletters
  • Publications & Fact Sheets
  • Technical Assistance & Training
  • Lake Information via the Internet

PALMS is governed by the Pennsylvania Lake Management Society By-Laws.  

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